The First SakeSwap ILO Announcement

SakeSwap Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), a decentralized crowdfunding mechanism that creates AMM liquidity pools directly with higher liquidity utilization. With SakeSwap ILO, decentralized projects will be able to easily raise and exchange capital in public.

SakeSwap ILO is designed to make the power of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) available to everyone in a trustless way. Everyone gets the same opportunity to invest in ILO projects. And we believe that it’s time for DEXes to revamp the centralized initial exchange offering model.

The First ILO Project — King of the Hill (KOTH)

We are excited to announce that KOTH will be the First ILO project on SakeSwap. ILO Guide:

King of the Hill brings an experience of GameFi which combines the concept of Game and Finance. KOTH, a gamified deflationary token that is featuring NFT staking for NFT Loyalty Shield and Treasure Chest on King of the Hill. And the audit report is available here:

KOTH holders will simply hold their KOTH tokens and will begin earning NFT shields as they prove their loyalty to the KOTH kingdom. The shields can be held to display rankings or can be traded in for rare Treasure Chests.

Watch the video to learn more about KOTH:

Initial Liquidity Offering Details

ILO of KOTH is only available for SAKE token holders.

— Pool/Liquidity Cap Info

Contribution Coin/Token: ETH

Total Raise: 116.67 ETH

Min. Raise: 58.33 ETH

Ratio per 1: 1500

Project Token Available: 175000

— Investor Access & Contribution Limits

Access Type: SAKE Holder

Min. SAKE holding amount: 1000 SAKE

Min. Contribution: 0.1 ETH

Max. Contribution: 10 ETH

— Offering Dates & Token Unlocking

Liquidity Offer Start Date (UTC): Tue, 9 Feb, 12 pm

Liquidity Offer End Date (UTC): Sun, 14 Feb, 12 pm

LP Token Unlock Frequency: 30 Days

LP Token Lock Period: Monthly

About SakeSwap

SakeSwap, a profitable DEX that provides ILO crowdfunding platform for projects and increases 50% of the LP income with slippage capture.

SAKE, a governance token with tokenomics of deflation that supports ILO crowdfunding and farming.

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