SakeSwap’s $FOTO-ETH Liquidity Pool 2.7x that of Uniswap with 1080% price surge

After the $FOTO ILO, a FOTO-ETH liquidity pool was automatically created on SakeSwap which means $FOTO is tradable immediately. As the $FOTO initial issue platform, $FOTO surged 1080% from ILO price to its new high on SakeSwap. The current price is $0.13.

📈SakeSwap liquidity of $FOTO 2.7x that of Uniswap

💰More liquidity brings more incomes $$$

SakeSwap Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) is a decentralized liquidity crowdfunding platform. ILO is a mechanism that creates AMM liquidity pools directly with higher liquidity utilization. A seamless fusion of token issuance and trading for projects. With the Yield Farming feature, participants can earn more extra SAKE as rewards.

🍶Earn extra SAKE with APY up to 600%+

SAKE tokens can entitle liquidity providers to continue earning the benefit of the protocol development, which means the early adopters will be significant stakeholders of SakeSwap.

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