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2 min readMar 24, 2021


The SakeSwap dev team is excited to announce an expansion to Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”). Liquidity providers can farm $SAKE and $CAKE with Pancake LP Token on SakeSwap BSC.

SakeSwap is the first AMM DEX with Slippage Capture feature on BSC. With slippage capture, LP can collect 50 % slippage capacity from arbitrage traders on SakeSwap.

SakeSwap launched ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering) to support NFT projects to easily issue NFT assets and raise liquidity. Currently, SakeSwap is the first choice for the NFT project liquidity crowdfunding.

At the same time, SakeSwap innovative derivation is deployed on BSC testnet already. It will boost the SakeSwap LP’s gains significantly.

🍶 BEP20 $SAKE Follows Tokenomics of Deflation

The total supply of SAKE will keep the same. and the SakeBurn also runs on BSC. Currently, 2,136,424 SAKE were burned on Ethereum — worth over $1,003,542!

SakeSwap Bridge is a bridge service providing access to inter-blockchain liquidity from ERC20 to BEP20, bringing SAKE to BSC ecosystem.

BEP20 SAKE Address: 0x8bd778b12b15416359a227f0533ce2d91844e1ed

To support the early development on BSC, 50% of the farming rewards on Ethereum will be mapped to the BSC ecosystem. BEP20 SAKE is listed on Pancake and supports the SAKE/BNB trading pair now.

Pancake SAKE-BNB AMM pair:

Earn $SAKE and $CAKE with Pancake LP Token

Liquidity is the most important metric for AMM DEX. There are 3 farming pools available on SakeSwap BSC. Less pools mean higher APY for SakeSwap BSC early adopters.

SAKE Farming Pool


SAKE + CAKE Dual Farming Pool



SAKE + CAKE Dual Farming is designed to raise awareness and incentivise more liquidity for SakeSwap on BSC.

Pancake LP Token holders can deposit the pool LP token to the farming pools on SakeSwap BSC. 50% of the farming rewards on ETH will be migrated to SakeSwap BSC to support the BSC Farming Pools. The staked Pancake LP Token will be migrated to SakeSwap when the SakeSwap AMM DEX goes live on BSC. More partnerships will get involved to grow the community and bring new liquidity on BSC.

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