Twitter Campaign

🍶SAKE governance is live now.

Along with the governance online, we would like to invite SAKE holders to vote for our first proposal which is Adjust Reward Weight when 10x bonus Coming in SakeSwap #QmWENcWTo.

To raise the awareness of SakeSwap, we decided to prepare 1K SAKE from Dev funds to reward our community members.

  1. either retweet SakeSwap’s tweet or generate original content with #SakeSwap #governance, hashtag of the pool pairs you support (e.g $SAKE, $ETH) and the link of the proposal.
  2. Share your related twitter link in SakeSwap Discord #referral channel
  3. Add 🍶emoji to the link
  4. 5 tweets with the most 🍶 in #referral channel will share 1K SAKE

The campaign only lasts for 24h and starts from 10 pm, 12th Sep (UTC +9). See you in #referral Channel🍶

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