SakeSwap AMM and Migration Countdown — 24 hours

SakePerp | SakeSwap
1 min readSep 25, 2020

🍶We deployed all SakeSwap AMM related smart contracts. They are queuing in Timelock which will be executed in 24 hours.

⛓Smart contract

SakeFactory: create exchange contracts for any ERC20 token that does not already have one

SakeRouter: use the library, fully support all the basic requirements of a front-end offering trading and liquidity management functionality

Migrator — Uniswap: migrate SakeMaster LP tokens from Uniswap to SakeSwap

Migrator — Sushiswap: migrate SakeMaster LP tokens from Sushiswap to SakeSwap

SakeBar: stake SAKE to farm more SAKE

SakeMaker: collect revenues, convert to SAKE, and send to SakeBar

SakeSwap, an AMM protocol, brings trading slippage capture and a more efficient incentive mechanism. In the same circumstances, liquidity providers can double the income on SakeSwap compared to other AMM projects.

We launched SAKE&UNI Double Farming and AMM within 2 days. The launch of SakeDrinker follows SAKE tokenomics of deflation. SAKE can entitle liquidity providers and traders to continue earning the benefit of the protocol development, and maintain the long-term value for SakeSwap adopters.

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