SakePerp x BroLeon BSC Testnet Trading Competition — Round 3, 39,999 BUSD to Be Won!

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3 min readMay 12, 2021

SakePerp is holding an exciting BSC Testnet Trading Competition with BroLeon community which is the №1 Trading and Farming community on BSC. is the first perpetual contract protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with an automated market-making (AMM) model. Leveraging vAMM + Oracle price discovery mechanism, SakePerp significantly reduces funding rates. also supports a dynamic market-making (MM) mechanism that can dramatically increase market-making liquidity efficiency by up to 4,000 times.

New 100x Leverage

BNB/BUSD trading pair supports 100x leverage on SakePerp.

SakePerp also brings

  • Alert and Notification for better risk management
  • Chinese and Spanish versions

Happy trading at

PnL Competition Prize Pool — 36,999 BUSD

The top 300 traders ranked by Round PnL will win BUSD. The ranking will be restarted every 2 days. For instance, our top 300 traders by PnL of 2 days will receive a total of 6,166.5 BUSD tokens.

The competition will last for 12 days (6 qualification periods) which means a total of 1800 traders will win 36,999 BUSD.

Qualification periods for the PnL competition will be from 12:00:00 PM (UTC) to 11:59:59 AM (UTC) every 2 days of the competition period, for a total of 6 qualification periods, the first of which will begin on 2021/05/12 at 12:00:00 PM (UTC).


1st-20th place: equally split 1,200 BUSD

21st-50th place: equally split 1,200 BUSD

51st-100th place: equally split 1,200 BUSD

101st-180th place: equally split 1,200 BUSD

181st-300th place: equally split 1,366.5 BUSD

Bonus — 3,000 BUSD

For Traders

Share PnL on Twitter or Wechat, with #SakePerpFutures and get 10 likes for a chance to win 25 BUSD.

For Liquidity Providers/Market Makers

Share incomes on Twitter or Wechat, with #SakePerpFutures and get 10 likes for a chance to win 25 BUSD.

  • 10 Twitter followers and 10 Wechat followers will be randomly drawn in each qualification period.
  • There are 6 qualification periods, the same as the PnL Competition .
  • The lucky follower list will be announced within 24 hours of the end of each qualification period.
  • Total 120 lucky followers will win 3,000 BUSD.

Competition period

Wed, May 12, 12 pm UTC to Mon, May 24, 12 pm UTC

How to join?

  1. Follow @Sake_Perp_Swap on Twitter
  2. Retweet the SakePerp Testnet Trading Competition tweet
  3. Copy your Twitter handle then paste it into the input field on SakePerp
  4. Submit to get 20,000 test BUSD to start the competition
  5. The participant can request 20,000 test BUSD once per qualification period.

It is highly recommended to create a new wallet address for the competition to make sure there is no test BUSD balance and no record on the SakePerp BSC testnet before the competition. Each participant can request 20,000 test BUSD token to start the competition.

REMINDER: The trading competition is on BSC testnet. The test BUSD is only for SakePerp testing purposes and will never have a value.

MetaMask Setup on BSC testnet:


  • The BSC wallet address should be new on SakePerp. No BUSD balance and no position history on SakePerp before the trade competition.
  • Each Twitter account can only be tied to a wallet address once.
  • No extra testnet BUSD from third-parties.
  • Citizens from the US, UK and traders located in those jurisdictions are not eligible to participate in the competition.
  • The Sake team reserves the right to disqualify participants that are deemed to be cheating, wash trading, or self-dealing, etc.

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