SakePerp BSC Testnet Trading Competition Round 2 Recap

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2 min readMay 13, 2021

The second round of SakeSerp BSC Testnet Trading Competition has been successfully completed. Thanks everyone for participating in the competition. is the first perpetual contract protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with an automated market-making (AMM) model. Leveraging vAMM + Oracle price discovery mechanism, SakePerp significantly reduces funding rates. also supports a dynamic market-making (MM) mechanism that can dramatically increase market-making liquidity efficiency by up to 4,000 times.

The trading competition is designed to further test the usability and performance of SakePerp. Let’s wrap up.


The total trading volume was $793,912,457 BUSD and an average of $79,391,245 BUSD per day. The highest volume reached in a single day exceeded $106 million BUSD.

The total number of trades was 35,952 and an average of 3,595 trades per day.

The total number of traders was 894. The maximum number of active traders reached in a single day exceeded 500.

The accumulated transaction fees were 638,236 BUSD. Market Makers and SAKE holders shared all transaction fees as rewards on SakePerp.

We thank the community for their high level of participation, support, and feedback.


1st-20th place: equally split 1,000 BUSD

21st-50th place: equally split 1,000 BUSD

51st-100th place: equally split 1,000 BUSD

101st-200th place: equally split 1,000 BUSD

Top 200 traders by PnL of 2 days receive a total of 4,000 BUSD tokens. The second round competition lasted for 10 days (5 qualification periods). A total of 1,000 traders win 20,000 BUSD.

The BUSD rewards will be airdropped to the participated wallet address directly!

What’s new?

100x Leverage

The third round of competition goes live with a total of 39,999 BUSD prize pool. And supports 100x leverage for the BNB/BUSD trading pair.

Join the SakePerp x BroLeon BSC Testnet Trading Competition NOW!

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