SakePerp BSC Testnet Trading Competition Recap — $471,302,514 BUSD Trading Volume


The total trading volume was $471,302,514 BUSD and an average of $67,328,930 BUSD per day. The highest volume reached in a single day exceeded $87.5 million BUSD.


1st-10th place: equally split 2,000 BUSD

What’s Next?

New Markets

BNB/BUSD and CAKE/BUSD will be added to the Markets. SakePerp Protocol is a decentralized perpetual contact protocol on BSC for all-asset leverage trading powered by the vAMM+Oracle pricing algorithm. After mainnet launch, users can trade cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, gold, crude oil, stocks, indexes, and other assets.

Next Round of Trading Competition

We plan to have 3 rounds of competition on BSC Testnet. And the prize pool of the 2rd round will be increased to award the early adopters of SakePerp. Join us on Telegram if you don’t want to miss out the upcoming competition!

SAKE DeFi Ecosystem

SAKE is the first governance token in DeFi that supports both spot market and futures market with SakeSwap AMM DEX and SakePerp Perpetual Contract.

More about SAKE

SakePerp BSC Testnet:



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