SakePerp BSC Testnet Trading Competition Recap — $471,302,514 BUSD Trading Volume

The first round of SakeSerp BSC Testnet Trading Competition has been successfully completed. Thanks everyone for participating in the competition.

The competition is designed to further test the usability and performance of SakePerp. Before the second round competition, let’s wrap up.


The total number of trades was 18,991 and an average of 2,713 trades per day.

The total number of traders was 748. The maximum number of active traders reached in a single day exceeded 300.

The accumulated transaction fees were 448,862 BUSD. Liquidity Providers and SAKE holders shared all transaction fees as rewards on SakePerp.

The figures are impressive. Not only did it showcase what SakePerp can handle, but it also put the backend to the test. SakePerp is the first trading platform powered by the vAMM+Oracle pricing algorithm. We thank the community for their high level of participation, support, and feedback.


11th-30th place: equally split 2,000 BUSD

31st-60th place: equally split 2,000 BUSD

61st-150th place: equally split 4,000 BUSD

The BUSD rewards will be airdropped to the participated wallet address directly!

What’s Next?

New Markets

Next Round of Trading Competition

SAKE DeFi Ecosystem

SakeSwap goes live on BSC with full functionalities including AMM DEX, Farm, Initial Liquidity Offering and SakeBar. The daily rewards of all BSC farming pools are up to 48,960 SAKE — worth over $22,000 now.

More about SAKE

SakeSwap BSC Farming:

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