$SAKE Rallied 418% between 2 ILOs! $ECAT and $FOTO ILO both Sold out in 1 Minute

🔼 The rise of NFT ILO and $SAKE

SakeSwap is the №1 NFT Liquidity Platform. SakeSwap ILO brings more liquidity, grows active users, and fosters partnerships with NFT projects. The rising awareness of SakeSwap ILO is posing a very significant influence on the price of $SAKE token. $SAKE price rallied 418% between 2 ILOs. The current price is $0.28.

🍶Earn extra $SAKE with APY up to 800%+

To celebrate the successful launch of $ECAT ILO, ECAT-ETH farming pool is available on SakeSwap to reward liquidity providers.



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