New ILO Project — EtherCats, an NFT collecting game

2021 is poised for “a new Bull Market in the NFT industry.” SakeSwap is building the World’s №1 NFT Liquidity platform. We are proud to announce that the next Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) to be held will be EtherCats, an NFT GameFi project.

EtherCats is an NFT collecting game. Each cat comes with a rating, and a multiplier used to calculate a total score. EtherCats offers promotions and rewards in ECAT tokens based on these properties. Players can mint new packs of EtherCats NFTs via a verifiably random process (Chainlink VRF) on

ILO Detail:

— Pool/Liquidity Cap Info

Contribution Coin/Token: ETH

Total Raise: 30 ETH

Min. Raise: 15 ETH

Price: 0.01 USDT per ECAT

Project Token Available: ECAT

— Investor Access & Contribution Limits

Access Type: Public

Min. Contribution: 0.1 ETH

Max. Contribution: 5 ETH

— Token Unlocking

LP Token Unlock Frequency: 150 Days

LP Token Lock Period: Monthly

About EtherCats (Mint New Cats):

OpenSea (Trade Existing Cats):



About SakeSwap

SakeSwap, a profitable DEX that provides ILO crowdfunding platform for projects and increases 50% of the LP income with slippage capture.

SAKE, a governance token with tokenomics of deflation that supports ILO crowdfunding and farming.

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