New Community Voting Period for EtherCats ILO

Thanks for the community support for the upcoming EtherCats ($ECAT) ILO. We would like to announce the new community voting period for the EtherCats ILO. EtherCats OpenSea campaign will start during the new Community Voting period.

EtherCats is the first NFT project to implement verifiably random packs of NFTs using Chainlink VRF. Users mint packs of cats with various properties that beyond their immediate collectable intrigue can be used down the road on the EtherCats planned platform and game. EtherCats plans to launch a DAO with the ECAT token that will be core to the experience.

New SakeSwap Community Voting Period:

12 March, 10 pm — 14 March, 10 pm (UTC+8)

More details of EtherCats ILO: