Introducing Spring Plan, a community incentive mechanism with rewards up to $14K

SakeSwap is a community-owned protocol. SAKE holders build the project together. Spring Plan is designed to grow the community, bring new liquidity, and foster partnerships with other projects. All related SAKE rewards will be supported by the SakeSwap Development Fund.

Spring Plan Details

  • AMM Liquidity Pool Referral
  1. Community members can refer projects to create a liquidity pool with the project team on SakeSwap. The Project Token can pair with ETH/USDT/USDC/DAI.
  2. When the pool liquidity is over $100,000, the referral can contract the SakeSwap team to create the new Yield Farming pool via Telegram.
  3. To announce the Farming Pool in both communities.
  4. The community referral can get 30,000 SAKE (~worth $8,400) as rewards.
  • Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) Referral
  1. Community members can refer projects to do ILO on SakeSwap.
  2. The project passes community voting and successfully raise liquidity.
  3. The community referral can get 50,000 SAKE (~worth $14,000) as rewards.
  • Yield Farming with SAKE Rewards

The related Yield Farming pools will be active, if the project pool liquidity including ILO project pool is over $100,000.

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