$FANS: Decentralized Onlyfans

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3 min readApr 6, 2021


The new ILO project, Unique.Fans a permissionless NSFW NFT platform for NSFW artists. $FANS finished ILO on SakeSwap and sold out in one minute. The FANS price soars 317% in 1 hour after ILO. The $FANS-ETH farming pool is available on SakeSwap with APY up to 1,000%.

Real-world use cases can drive $FANS crazy

Onlyfans is an adult entertainment site with 1M+ content creators, 7000–8000 new daily creators, 50 m users and the average earning is $180 per month.

Unique.Fans which is an NFT platform offers better solutions for adult art artists and fans. Unique.Fans is a part of the new creator economy powered by blockchain technology. The platform will provide a ready market for NSFW artists to convert their work to NFT on blockchain.

How can $FANS surpass Onlyfans

  1. The Utility of NFTs regarding IP Rights

The blockchain provides innovative ways for NSFW artists to protect against theft of their art, which is a huge problem in the adult art space, where stolen risqué content is disseminated by illicit aggregators.

NFT artists who mint their works on-chain before any other online exposure have the opportunity to create an archive of provenance. They can also elect to protect their work from copyright infringement on-platform with watermarks, only releasing the original image upon purchase.

2. Net Zero Platform Fee

No Fees for Artists. For collectors/buyers, the FANS platform will charge a 2.5% platform fee. But all platform fees will be used to buy $FANS tokens back from the market and burn them to reduce the circulating supply and create value for Hodlers.

3. Self-published Uncensored Alluring Content for Fans

Unique Fans is a community-owned decentralised NFT Adult Arts Marketplace for the growing world of digital Adult Creators and their Fans.

The Unique Fans Community insists on an open platform that encourages individuals to express their creativity as long as Users respect the Fans Community Terms and Guidelines.

The Fans Community Terms and Guidelines are meant for the protection of artists, the community, and the innocent to keep the platform legal and accessible — not to be used to selectively silence the voices of creativity in the Adult Art Genre.

$FANS joining Unicorn Herd

$FANS with specific use-cases and first-mover advantage is joining the unicorn herd by offering unique solutions to problems faced in the traditional sectors.

SakeSwap ILO: https://sakeswap.gitbook.io/sakeswap-finance/ilo