Compensation Plan for SAKE holders on OKExChain

Compensation Plan

There will be 2 Compensation Plans available for all KIP20 SAKE holders to choose. All users who hold the KIP20 SAKE, their relevant wallets will be eligible for the compensation plan and will receive ERC20 SAKE or ASAP tokens as compensation.

Option One — ERC20 SAKE

Sake devs will donate ERC20 SAKE from a Dev Account to KIP20 SAKE holders impacted.

Option Two — ASAP Token

ChainSwap will compensate with ASAP tokens to KIP20 SAKE holders impacted.

Farming Pools on OKExChain

The 6 SAKE farming pools on OKExChain will end in block height 4373581 (Estimated Date: July 20th 2021). All unharvested SAKE tokens holders are also eligible for the Compensation Plan.



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