26K BUSD to Be Won! SakePerp Trading Competition — BSC Testnet Round 2

New Markets

BNB/BUSD, LINK/BUSD and XVS/BUSD will be added to the Markets.

ROI Competition Prize Pool — 20,000 BUSD

The top 200 traders ranked by ROI will win BUSD. The ranking will be restarted every 2 days. For instance, our top 200 traders by ROI of 2 days will receive a total of 4,000 BUSD tokens.

Referral Prize Pool — 5,000 BUSD

The SakePerp referral system is called the “Advisory Board”. Copy your referral link from the “Referrals Tab” and share that with friends or members from your group.


For Traders

Competition period

26 April, 2 pm UTC to 6 May, 2 pm UTC

How to join?

  1. Follow @SakeSwap on Twitter
  2. Retweet the SakePerp Testnet Trading Competition tweet
  3. Copy your Twitter handle then paste it into the input field on SakePerp http://sakeperp.fi
  4. Submit to get 20,000 test BUSD to start the competition


  • The BSC wallet address should be new on SakePerp. No BUSD balance and no position history on SakePerp before the trade competition.
  • Each Twitter account as well as each BSC address can request the 20,000 testnet BUSD only once.
  • No extra testnet BUSD from third-parties.
  • Citizens from the US, UK and traders located in those jurisdictions are not eligible to participate in the competition.
  • The Sake team reserves the right to disqualify participants that are deemed to be cheating, wash trading, or self-dealing, etc.

Join the competition now!

More about SakeSwap

SAKE is the first governance token in DeFi that supports both spot market and futures market with SakeSwap AMM DEX and SakePerp Perpetual Contract.



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